One Lost Person

I know a story about a man who had a pig. The pig was always clean and had a ribbon around its neck. The pig followed the man wherever he went.
One day the man decided to take a trip on a ship. While the man was walking on the ship, the pig fell into the ocean. The man hurried to the boat captain and said, “My pig has fallen overboard! Stop the ship. My pig will drown!”
The captain of the ship laughed at the man. He said, “We cannot stop the ship for a pig.” The man asked, “If a man fell overboard, would you stop the ship?” “Yes,” said the captain. The man ran to the edge of the ship and jumped into the ocean. So the captain turned the ship around and rescued the man and his pig.
Maybe we think it was foolish for the man to risk his life for a pig. But our Bible Reading tells us about a man who left his ninety-nine sheep to look for one sheep that was lost. When the man found his sheep, he was very happy.
In the same way, heaven is a very happy place when one lost sinner comes to Jesus for salvation. If you are not following Jesus, decide today to accept Him as your Lord.