One Person

History tells us that often one man can affect many people. An example of this is Adolph Hitler. Because of him and his Nazi government, many people were killed.
Our Bible Reading today is also about one man. God?s prophet, Elijah, had a contest with the prophets of the false god, Baal. Elijah wanted to show the people that God was the only true God.
The false prophets built an altar and prayed to their god. They asked him to burn up their sacrifice on the altar. These prophets prayed and prayed, but their god did not answer.
Then Elijah built an altar and put the sacrifice on it. Then he poured lots of water on it. Elijah prayed to God. God answered Elijah?s prayer by sending fire to burn up the sacrifice and the altar. Then the people knew that God was the only true God.
Elijah was just one man. But God used him to show His great power. God can use you, too, to do great things for Him today.