The short New Testament book of Philemon tells us about Onesimus. He was a slave, and he was owned by a man named Philemon.
Onesimus ran away and went to Rome. In Rome, Onesimus met Paul, who was under arrest for preaching about Jesus. Paul told Onesimus about Jesus, and Onesimus became a Christian. Paul said about Onesimus, “He became my son while I was in prison” (verse 10b).
Onesimus was still a slave who belonged to Philemon. So Paul wrote a letter to Philemon. He asked Philemon to accept Onesimus as a brother, not a slave. “…not to be just a slave, but better than a slave, to be a dear brother” (verse 16a).
Even though Onesimus was still a slave, he was no longer a slave to sin. When he became a Christian, he became free in Jesus. I hope that you are like Onesimus. I hope that you are following and obeying Jesus today.