Only God Satisfies

Many people look for different things to make them happy. Some try to make a lot of money to become happy. Some people buy a big fancy house to make them feel good. Some might play video games to try to be happy. Other people eat a lot of food to make them feel satisfied.
Do any of those things make us truly happy and satisfied? No! Only God can make us truly happy and content.
The writer of Psalm 84 talks about God and His blessings. God and His wonderful blessings make us happy and content. In verse 1, the writer calls God the “Lord, All-Powerful.” The writer also says there are blessings for people who depend on God and His strength. “God blesses us with kindness and glory” (verse 11b). And there are blessings for those who trust Him. “The Lord gives every good thing to people who follow and obey Him” (verse 11b).
Take time today to praise God. Praise Him for being powerful. Praise Him for His blessings. Continue to depend on Him and trust Him.