Only God

Bob was a little boy who loved to play with cars. When Bob was sixteen, he got an old Chevy. But Bob always dreamed of owning a 1965 Mustang convertible. When Bob was 35 years old, he was able to buy his ?dream car.?
Bob loved his Mustang. He drove the car very carefully. Bob washed it almost every day. On the weekend, Bob polished his Mustang.
After Bob got the Mustang, he stayed home from church so he could work on it. Sometimes Bob?s family wanted to go on a picnic. But Bob stayed home with his car. He loved his car more than he loved God or his family. Bob worshiped the Mustang. Bob?s car became his ?god.?
In our Bible Reading today, the man loved his money more than he loved God. That man was like Bob. God wants us to love Him more than anyone or anything in the world. That?s why He tells us in the Bible to worship only Him.
Think about your life today. Make sure that you love God most of all!