Only the Bible

Paul wrote many letters to churches and individuals. He wrote one letter to the church in the area of Galatia. Our Bible Reading tells us that Paul was upset with these people. Why? Because they believed in another way to be saved. These people forgot the Bible and paid attention to another message.
Maybe someone has told you something that did not agree with the Bible. What did you do? Did you believe what they told you? Or did you believe what the Bible said? Paul told the Christians in Galatia that they should only believe the Bible. He explained that no one should change the Good News about salvation through Jesus. Paul said that they should not believe another message, even if it was from an angel!
Paul wanted these Christians to trust the Bible and depend on it. We need to understand this, too. We should always believe what the Bible says, and obey it. We do not need other books or man’s ideas to tell us how to be saved. The Bible is true and should not be changed!