Open Your Arms

A little girl lives near me. She comes to our house a lot. My wife and I talk with her, share food with her or do some activity together. We have learned that she does not get a lot of attention at her home. God has taught us that when she is at our house, we can show her His love.
Recently we have had many visitors to our home. Each of these visitors is very important to us. My wife and I love having people visit us – even if some of our visitors are unexpected! God has blessed us with a wonderful home. But we know that our home really belongs to God. We pray that God will use our home to show love to other people. My wife and I are happy knowing that people who visit us enjoy themselves and receive comfort and relaxation.
In our Bible Reading today, Abraham welcomed three visitors to his home. Open your arms and your home to show God’s love to other people. Who knows? Maybe someday you will welcome an angel to your home (Hebrews 13:1-2)!