The Bible talks about many opposites. People who don’t know God are compared to darkness. But Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus says that if someone wants to become great, they need to be the least in His kingdom.
There are also many opposites in the story about Jesus’ birth. Jesus is the King of Kings, yet when He was born, He was laid in a “box where cattle are fed” (Luke 2:7). The first people who heard about Jesus’ birth were not famous or rich — they were humble shepherds.
In our Bible Reading today we see another opposite about Jesus’ birth. Verse 2 says, “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, are the smallest town in Judah.” We would expect God’s Son to be born in a big and important city, but Jesus was born in a small town.
But the most wonderful opposite of all is that Jesus, who is holy and pure, was willing to die for sinful people like you and me. Thank God for His gift of salvation!