Ordinary Men

I am amazed when I read about the group of men Jesus chose to be His closest followers. These twelve men were called “apostles.” They were just ordinary people like you and me.
Jesus could have chosen important religious and political leaders to be His apostles. Instead, He chose ordinary men. Peter, Andrew, James and John were uneducated fishermen. Peter was often weak, and sometimes he spoke words without thinking about what he was saying. Matthew was a tax collector. Most tax collectors stole money from the people. Simon (called the Zealot) may have been part of a group of Jews who rebelled against the Romans. Judas Iscariot was greedy, and later he gave Jesus to the Jewish leaders to be killed.
Why did Jesus choose these men? Because they believed in Jesus and they were willing to leave everything and follow Jesus. With the help of the Holy Spirit, these men changed the world!
Maybe you are not educated or talented. You can still serve Jesus. All you need is to be willing to serve.