Our Choice

Two of my friends lost their jobs about the same time. One friend focused on how bad life was. He became depressed and stopped coming to church. He did not even try to find a new job.
My other friend started praying about his situation right away. He put together a plan for finding a new job. He received encouragement from his church and friends.
These friends faced similar circumstances. What was the difference in their lives? The first friend was like the “lazy person” in verse 19 of our Bible Reading. He chose to do nothing about his situation. The second friend was wise like the person in verse 20. He relied on God, and God gave him strength.
God does not always give us easy circumstances in life. He lets us make choices. We can see problems as obstacles or we can see them as signs of God’s grace and guidance.
It is our decision to let God lead us or to become tangled up in the bad things in the world. You can choose today to serve God or to serve the world.