Our Creator

Today people talk about “creating“ life in a laboratory. This is called cloning. People discuss how long this process might take. Others talk about whether doing this is right or wrong.

The very first verse of Genesis talks about God creating the earth
and sky. The rest of the verses in Genesis, chapter 1, tell us about all the wonderful things that God created. It did not take many months or thousands of years like some people believe. God spoke, and it happened!

Genesis 2:4 sums up God’s work of creation. “This is the story about the creation of the sky and the earth. This is what happened when the Lord God made the earth and sky.” But God did not only create things. He made people, too. And God did not just make Adam and Eve. You and I were created by God, too.

God has also created a way for us to live forever with Him. We learn in the New Testament that God sent Jesus to save us. When we love and obey Jesus, we receive God’s gift of eternal life. God made us and the world where we live. And He made a way so we can have a close relationship with Him.

I am so thankful that God made me! Are you thankful that God made you?