Our Father

My name is Steve. In Greek, the name Steve means ?crown? or ?winner.? I try to be a good person and honor my name. But prisons are full of men named Steve who did not live up to the meaning of their name. However, that does not mean I should stop being a winner for God.
In our Bible Reading today, Jesus gives us an example of how we should pray. Jesus began this prayer with the words, ?Our Father in heaven? (verse 9b). Jesus tells us to pray to God, who is our Father in heaven.
But maybe you do not have a good relationship with your earthly father. Maybe he could not communicate with you because he never learned sign language. Maybe he made you angry or hurt. Many fathers are not good fathers. But that does not mean we should not honor God, our heavenly Father.
When you pray, remember to always honor God?s name. And thank Him for all the wonderful things He has done for you.