Our Helper

In our verses for today, Jesus was talking to His disciples. He told them that He was leaving to go back to God. Jesus also said that it was better for the disciples that He leave. Why? Because then the Holy Spirit would come and be their Helper.

Sometimes I realize that I am not depending on the Holy Spirit to help me. When I face different kinds of sin in the world, I need to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit to help me face temptations.

The Holy Spirit helps us to overcome our weaknesses, to increase our faith and to live righteously. When we remember that the Holy Spirit is our Helper, we can be bold as we share God’s message with the world. “When the Helper comes, he will show the people of the world how wrong they are about sin, about being right with God, and about judgment” (verse 8).

You can depend on the Holy Spirit to help you today. He will share God’s glory, might and wisdom with you.