Our Lamp

When I was in college, my friends and I drove to a campground. When we arrived, it was nighttime. A camp employee took us to our cabin.
We all used our flashlights as we walked to the cabin. When we got in the cabin, we saw that there was only one lamp in the center of the cabin. The camp employee lit the lamp, and the whole room was filled with light. She reminded us that when we walked outside to the bathhouse, we would need to take our flashlights so we could see where we were going.
When we were at the campground, we needed a flashlight or a lamp so we could see. In the same way, we need God’s light to help us know what we should do. Verse 29 of our Bible Reading says, “Lord, you are my lamp. The Lord lights up the darkness around me!”
Depend on God and His Word, the Bible, today! Then you will know how to handle your problems and stay away from sin.