Our Shepherd

I read a story about a tornado that destroyed a town. After the tornado, a woman was searching through the rubble of her house. She was searching for her dog. She was very tired, but she slowly picked up each piece of debris and looked for her dog. Finally, she removed a couple of pieces of wood. Underneath she saw the head of her dog. The dog jumped into her arms and licked her face.

After that, the woman continued to search for other possessions that she could rescue from her house. She said that finding her dog had given her the strength to continue searching.

That story reminds me of Psalm 23:3. “He restores my strength. He leads me on right paths to show that he is good.” The writer of this psalm compares God to a shepherd. In this verse he talks about God giving us strength and leading us in the right way.

Sometimes we are sad and discouraged. Maybe we don’t know if we have enough strength to continue living. But God shares an unexpected blessing or gives us an extra amount of strength. Then we are no longer sad and discouraged. We know that God is with us and that we can continue to serve Him.