Out of the Box

We have a little black and white terrier named Pancho. We adopted him from the local animal shelter. When my family and I went to the shelter, we were looking for a small puppy. We came near one cage and noticed three small puppies in a box at the back of the cage. I kneeled down and tried to get one the puppies to come of the box. Only one puppy got out of the box. He wiggled back and forth but would not come near the door. We moved on and looked at other dogs. We decided to go home and think about our decision.
The next day my husband and son decided we should go back and adopt the little black and white puppy. When we came close to the cage, the same puppy leaped out of the box and walked over to the door. He looked like he was afraid to come near us. But his fears did not keep him from going home with us.
Sometimes you might be afraid to do things in life. In our Bible Reading, the Israelites were afraid to go into a new land. Don’t let your fears stop you from enjoying your life. Trust God. He will give you strength to overcome your fears.