Pairs (1)

Today and for several days we will talk about pairs of people from the Bible. Today we will talk about Paul and Timothy.

Timothy was from the city of Lystra. His mother was Jewish and his father was a Greek (non-Jew). But Timothy learned about Jesus and became a Christian. The Christians in Lystra respected Timothy.
Paul traveled to the city of Lystra. While he was there, he met Timothy. Paul wanted Timothy to travel with him and preach about Jesus. Timothy traveled with Paul to many cities. Later Timothy went to the city of Ephesus and lived there for many years.
Paul and Timothy traveled together for a long time. During those years, Paul taught Timothy many things. In 1 Timothy 1:2b, Paul said to Timothy, “You are like a true son to me.”
Paul helped Timothy in his Christian life. I hope that you have a good friend who will help you be a strong Christian.