Pairs (3

John was one of Jesus’ first disciples. John traveled with Jesus and saw the many wonderful things that He did – changing water into wine, feeding five thousand people and walking on the Sea of Galilee.
John was with Jesus during his entire ministry on earth. Years later, John wrote the Gospel of John which tells us about Jesus’ life.
Our Bible Reading today talks about Jesus dying on the cross. Jesus’ mother, Mary, and John were standing near the cross. Verses 26-27 say, “Jesus saw his mother. He also saw the follower that he loved very much [John] standing there. He said to his mother, ‘Dear woman, here is your son.’ Then Jesus said to the follower, ‘Here is your mother.’ So after that, this follower took Jesus’ mother to live in his home.”
Jesus knew that soon He would die, rise again and then leave the earth. He told John to take care of His mother, Mary. Jesus loved John and trusted him.
You can have a close relationship with Jesus, too. Study the Bible and learn how to follow Him.