Pairs (5)

Our Bible Reading today is a wonderful story about true friendship. It is a long chapter, but I encourage you to read all of it.
David and Jonathan loved each other like brothers. But there was a problem. Jonathan’s father, King Saul, wanted to kill David. At first, Jonathan did not believe this. But later Jonathan learned that his father really did want to kill David.
David and Jonathan were sad. They loved each other, but David knew he had to get away from King Saul. They said goodbye. In verse 42, Jonathan said, “Go in peace. We used the Lord’s name and promised to be friends. We said that the Lord will be the witness between us and our descendants forever.”
I think every person needs a good friend. Do you have a good friend? Friends are honest with each other. Friends love and respect each other.
Take time today to call or write or e-mail your best friend. Let them know that you love them. Thank God for your friend.