Palm Sunday

I remember one Palm Sunday when I was a child. Palm Sunday was a time to think about all the things that happened during the week before Jesus was crucified.
Each Palm Sunday my church would hand out palm branches to the people. In previous years, I had waited in line to get a palm branch. But by the time I reached the table, the branches were all gone.
So on this particular Palm Sunday, I wanted to be sure and get plenty of palm branches. When no one was looking, I grabbed a handful of branches. I tried to pay attention to the sermon that morning, but all I could think about were the palm branches I had taken.
Our Bible Reading tells us that the people who met Jesus welcomed and praised Him. These were humble people who wanted to worship Jesus. But I was not like those people. I felt proud and greedy on that Sunday morning.
As you think about Jesus this week, remember to be humble. Praise Him and thank Him for His great sacrifice on the cross.