Pancho and Rudy

My son has a dog named Rudy. I decided to teach Rudy to shake hands (paws). My son said that I couldn’t teach Rudy to shake. But I reminded him that I had taught this to many dogs.
First, I put Rudy’s paw in my hand and said, “Shake.” Then, I did this over and over again. Each time, I told Rudy that he was a good dog. Finally, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. My dog, Pancho, had his paw in the air and was trying to shake hands with me. Of course, I shook his paw and told him that he was a good dog. While all this was happening, Rudy was watching Pancho and me.
When I started working with Rudy again, he immediately put his paw in my hand. Then I realized that Rudy had learned how to shake by watching Pancho and me. In our Bible Reading, Jesus’ followers watched Him be a servant.Today people will be watching you. They may learn to do good things or bad things by watching you. Make sure that you are doing good things today.