Pancho, the Pest

The verses in our Bible Reading today remind me of my dog, Pancho. Pancho is a terrier. Some people think that terriers are pests. If a terrier wants something, he will let you know what he wants. And, he will keep pestering you until you give him what he wants. Sometimes Pancho acts like that. And, I usually give him what he wants.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus taught His disciples about prayer. Jesus told about a woman who came to a judge. She told the judge about a man who was doing bad things to her. The judge refused to help the woman. But the woman did not give up. She kept pestering the judge to help her. Finally, the judge gave the woman what she wanted. Why? Because he was tired of the woman bothering him. We should be like Pancho and like the woman. When we pray, we should continue to pray and not give up. Verse 7b says, “God will always give his people what is right. God will not be slow to answer his people.”
God will not become tired of your prayers. Share your thoughts and your needs with Him today.