Parables (5)

Jesus told another parable to His followers. This story was about ten girls. These ten girls were waiting for a bridegroom to come to his wedding party. Jesus said that five girls were foolish and five girls were wise. Why? Because five girls brought more oil to use in their lamps. The other five girls did not bring extra oil for their lamps.
At midnight, someone announced that the bridegroom was coming. The five foolish girls did not have oil for their lamps. They asked the wise girls to give them some oil. But the wise girls answered (verse 9b), “No!…go to the people that sell oil and buy some for yourselves.” The five foolish girls left to buy more oil. While they were gone, the bridegroom came to the wedding party. The doors were locked. When the five foolish girls returned, they could not go into the wedding party.
Jesus told this parable to help us understand that we should always be ready for Him to come back. We do not know the day when Jesus will come to take His followers to live forever with Him.
Jesus could come back today. I hope that you are ready!