Often Jesus told simple stories. These stories are sometimes called parables. Parables helped Jesus’ followers learn about Him and His plan for their lives.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus told a parable about a fishing net. He said that God’s kingdom is like a “net that was put into the lake. The net caught many different kinds of fish” (verse 47). When the net was full, the fishermen pulled it into the boat. Then the fishermen put the good fish in a basket and threw away the bad fish.
Jesus went on in verses 49 and 50 to explain what this parable meant. “It will be the same at the end of the world. The angels will come and separate the evil people from the good people. The angels will throw the evil people into the place of fire. In that place the people will cry and grind their teeth with pain.”
Jesus wants us to know that there is punishment for sin. But we don’t have to be punished and separated from God. If we accept Jesus as our Savior and continue to obey God, we will live forever with Him. Praise God for salvation through Jesus!