There are many parades in Iowa during the summer, especially around the Fourth of July. Small towns often have parades to honor military heroes or to celebrate an event in the town’s history.
Our Bible verses today tell us about something that happened in Jerusalem that was like a parade. People knew that Jesus was coming into Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Verse 13 says, “They took branches of palm trees and went out to meet Jesus. They shouted, ‘Praise Him! Welcome! God bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord! God bless the King of Israel!’”
The people welcomed Jesus like an earthly king. But it was not God’s plan for Jesus to rule on earth. Jesus came to die for our sins and be raised from death. Now He rules in heaven with God. Someday Jesus will return to take His followers to live with Him.
Praise God for His forgiveness and promise of eternal life!