My dad moved out of our house. I was very upset. I felt impatient with my dad. So I decided to take a drive and think about my life.
I drove down the road to my grandmother?s house. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful trees along the road. Suddenly a big old truck pulled out in front of me. The speed limit was 35 miles per hour, but the truck was only going 20 miles per hour! I was impatient with the truck driver. I started shouting at the truck.
As we came to a stop sign, I realized that God was telling me something. He was saying, ?Be patient!? Then I remembered that God is in control of my life. He knows what is best for me. God will make the right things happen at the right time.
Verse 3 of our Bible Reading said, ?Think about Jesus. He was patient while sinful men were doing bad things against him. Think about him, so that you also will be patient and not stop trying.?
No matter what you are facing today, be patient. And remember that God is in control.