Patience (4)

It is important that we be patient with people who work with us. I have a friend who is a good co-worker. She is patient, and she also does more work than her boss expects.
I have noticed that many workers are not patient with each other. These people also complain about their jobs. Instead of patiently working and doing a good job, they expect to do a little work for lots of pay.
People today can learn from our Bible verses. Paul reminds us that we should do our work “and be happy with it. Work as though it is the Lord you are serving, not just an earthly master” (verse 7). We may have an earthly boss who oversees our work, but we are really working for God.
Many people do not have jobs. Be sure to thank God today for your job. Ask Him to help you do a good job and be patient with others. And pray for the people you work with.