. . .Patience

Today we will talk about patience. The car in front of you is going 35 mph, and you are late for work. Your boss wants the report finished NOW! Your three-year-old son keeps asking you to play with him, but you are talking on your cell phone. Do you become impatient in these kinds of situations?
Jesus wants us to be patient — with other people, with our situations and with ourselves. Our Bible Reading today tells us about when Jesus was dying on the cross. Jesus gave us the perfect example of patience during the last few hours before He died.
Let’s think about what happened to Jesus. One of His best friends denied Him three times. Soldiers beat Jesus, spat on Him and mocked Him. Then they nailed Jesus to a cross and left Him to die. In all of this, Jesus was patient. He even asked God to forgive the people who crucified Him!
When we are impatient, we sometimes lose our temper or do things that are not nice. The Holy Spirit will help us be patient and not sin. Do you need patience today? Pray and ask God to help you.