Paul in Rome

In the book of Romans, Paul told the Roman Christians that he wanted to go to Rome. He said in Romans 1:11-12a, “I want very much to see you. I want to give you some spiritual gifts to make you strong. I mean that I want us to help each other with the faith that we have.”
God prepared the way for Paul to go to Rome. Paul was arrested in Jerusalem and taken to Rome on a ship. When Paul was in Rome, he was allowed to live in a house, but a guard was with him all the time. The Bible does not tell us much about Paul’s time in Rome, but we do know that Paul was able to teach about Jesus. Also, Paul wrote several letters to churches to help and encourage them. Some of these letters are now part of the New Testament.
The book of Acts ends with Paul in Rome. We do not know what happened to Paul, but we know that he was faithful to God until he died.
God may not send us to foreign countries to tell people about Him. But He does expect us to share the Good News about Jesus with people we meet every day.