Paul’s First Trip (1)

Some people think that if you are a Christian who works for God, you will never have troubles. That is NOT true. Our Bible Reading tells us that Paul and Barnabas went on a mission trip. They experienced many difficulties on this trip.
A young man named John Mark traveled with Paul and Barnabas. After a while, John Mark decided to go back home. This was probably a sad time for Paul and Barnabas.
In the city of Antioch, people threw Paul and Barnabas out of town. In the city of Iconium, Paul learned that people wanted to kill him. When Paul and Barnabas were preaching in Lystra, some people threw stones at Paul to kill him. They thought Paul was dead, but he was able to get up and leave the area.
Paul experienced many hard times. But Paul loved God, and he did not give up. Later Paul said that God had done many wonderful things on this trip (Acts 14:27-28).
Maybe you face difficulties in your life. Maybe people tease you and reject you because you are a Christian. Don’t give up! Remember Paul and keep on serving God.