Paul’s First Trip (2)

Paul was a Jew. But when Paul learned that Jesus was God’s Son, he wanted other Jewish people to learn about Jesus, too. When Paul and Barnabas traveled to a different city, Paul preached in the Jewish synagogue (place of worship). In many synagogues, there were also Gentile (non-Jewish) people called God-fearers. These men and women worshiped the one true God and followed Jewish rules. Many of these God-fearers accepted Jesus as their Savior.
But some Jewish people were jealous of Paul. These people caused trouble for Paul and his friends. Paul told the Jewish people that God was sending him to preach to the Gentile people (Acts 13:47). Later people would call Paul the “missionary to the Gentiles.”
Most of us reading this devotion today are Gentiles (non-Jews). Paul started many Gentile churches on this trip. We should be thankful that Paul taught non-Jewish people about Jesus. God offers salvation to all people.
Thank God today for His wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus!