Paul’s Second Trip (1)

In Acts 15:40 we read that Paul started his second mission trip to tell people about Jesus. This time Paul chose Silas to travel with him. The church in the city of Antioch sent Paul and Silas to the countries of Syria and Cilicia to help the churches grow stronger. Later Timothy joined Paul and Silas and traveled with them.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about Paul, Silas and Timothy in the city of Philippi. On the Jewish Sabbath Day (Saturday), Paul and Silas went out of the city to a place on a river. Some women were there worshiping God. Paul talked to the women about Jesus. One woman, Lydia, believed what Paul taught her about Jesus. Paul baptized Lydia. Then Lydia invited Paul and the other men to stay in her home.
Lydia is an example of someone who was willing to serve God. She provided a place for Paul and the other men to stay while they were in Philippi. We should be willing to serve God like Lydia did.
God wants all Christians to serve Him. Look for ways today to help other people.