Paul’s Second Trip (3)

Paul was in the city of Athens. He saw many idols. Paul noticed that the people worshiped “the god who is not known” (verse 23b). He explained that this unknown god was the true and living God. Paul continued to tell the people about God and Jesus. Verse 32 says, “When the people heard about Jesus being raised from death, some of them laughed. The people said, ‘We will hear more about this from you later.'” Then in verse 34a, it says, “But some of the people believed Paul and joined him.”
When Paul preached, the people responded in three different ways. Some people laughed at him. Others said that they might want to know more about Jesus later. And, some people believed and started following Jesus. Notice that when some people laughed at Paul, he did not stop preaching. Paul continued to tell other people about Jesus.
I have been involved in several deaf ministries. Sometimes I tell deaf people about Jesus, and they just laugh and walk away. I feel like giving up. But I need to be like Paul. I need to remember that some people I tell about Jesus will decide to follow Him.
Don’t be discouraged. Keep on telling the Good News about Jesus.