Paul’s Third Trip (1)

While Paul was traveling, God gave him the power to do some very special miracles. Often Paul healed people. Verse 12 of our Bible Reading says, “Some people carried away handkerchiefs and clothes that Paul had used. The people put these things on sick people. When they did this, the sick people were healed and the evil spirits from the devil left them.”
Many people who saw these miracles “began to have great respect for God” (verse 17b). Some of these people had used magic. They burned their magic books to show that they had stopped doing magic and were following God. Verse 20b says, “This is how the word of the Lord was influencing more and more people in a powerful way. And more and more people believed.”
God’s Word, the Bible, teaches us that we need to stop sinning. Even Christians do wrong things. Maybe you have some sin in your life that is hard to stop doing like lying or stealing, jealousy or swearing. With God’s help, you can overcome the sin in your life. Spend time in Bible study and prayer. Ask God to help you resist temptations that you face.