Pay Attention

We should always pay attention when other people talk/sign to us. But sometimes I ask a question. Then I answer the question myself. I ignore the other person’s answer.
God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible. Sometimes we have a problem and we wonder what we should do. But instead of paying attention to God’s answer, we do what we think is best. Often that leads us into trouble.
Only God knows what is best for us. He gives us answers to our problems in the Bible. Our Bible Reading today tells us that God’s Word will continue forever and that it can make us wise.
When we have important decisions to make, we should always ask God to help us. He will show us in His Word what we should do. But we should not ignore what God says. We should pay attention to His words.
Do you have a question or a problem today? Ask God to show you the answer in the Bible.