Pay Attention

Verse 33 of our Bible Reading says, “Lord, teach me your laws, and I will always follow them.” If we want God to teach us His laws, we must pay attention. A good place to learn God’s laws is at church. When we are at church we should pay attention to our teachers and pastors. God’s Word is very important, and we should be excited to learn.
Sometimes at church it is hard to pay attention. We may be distracted by other people or by thinking about what we will do after church. Here are a few ways to help you stay focused on a lesson or sermon. First, think about God before you go to church. This helps you prepare your mind to pay attention. Second, when the teacher or pastor reads Bible verses, try to follow along in your own Bible. Third, take notes so you will remember what was taught.
Studying God’s Word will help you stay spiritually strong. I hope you will try some of these ideas so you can pay attention and grow in your faith.