Pay Attention to God

Take some time right now to quiet your thoughts and rest. This is a good time to focus on God and to pay attention to Him.

Maybe you pray to God throughout the day as you work and play. You praise Him, thank Him and ask Him to help you. But it is also important that you allow God to communicate with you. Do you ever really take time to stop and think about how God is answering your prayers? God can speak to us through our thoughts, through His Word, and through other Christians who teach and encourage us.

In our Bible Reading today, the writer is talking to God. He says, “Anyone can come to you, and you will listen to their prayers. God, you answer our prayers and do what is right” (verses 2 and 5a). We can pray to God any time and in any place. And God will always pay attention to us.
Take time to pray to God today. And then let Him speak to you.