Pay Attention!

My dog, Daisy, is deaf. I use a special pager to get her attention. When I push a button, Daisy feels her collar vibrate. Then she will look at me.
Daisy will wait for me to sign to her. Daisy cannot hear me, but she knows when I call her. She understands me and knows that she should obey me. Daisy also knows I will take care of her. Why? Because I love her and do good things for her.
It is the same with God and us. We don?t hear God with our ears. Many times Bible verses say ?listen? or ?hear.? Usually this means that we should pay attention and understand. Daisy pays attention to me. In the same way, we should pay attention to God and His Word. We pay attention to God by obeying Him. If we obey, God is happy, and He will bless us.
Our Bible Reading today talks about finding God and living in His house. Daisy lives with me and receives good things from me. If we live with God, we will receive blessings from Him.