Several years ago, I learned that a high school friend had become a Christian. I was surprised, because when we were in high school, she did not believe in God. When I saw my friend, I asked what had happened. She answered, “After I became a Christian, I finally had peace in my heart.” My friend is now a missionary in Asia.
Sometimes people think that they have peace if there are no wars or big problems in their lives. But true peace happens when we know that we are God’s children. We can only have true peace when we confess our sins and are reconciled with God.
Our psalm today praises God for His great power and authority. The last verse says, “May the Lord protect His people. May the Lord bless his people with peace.” God gave us peace when He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for our sins.
Many people in the world today are looking for peace. We need to help them give their lives to God. Then they, too, will have God’s wonderful peace.