Peace and Joy

A young woman who was not a Christian asked me a strange question. She asked, “Do Christians ever have fun?” I was surprised by that question. But I think there are many non-Christians who think that all Christians do is sit in church and sing hymns.
The young woman continued by saying, “It must be hard for Christians to follow all those rules.” I told her that Christians have fun, too. I also told her that God’s rules help us to have His joy and peace.
In our Bible Reading today, Paul says, “Always be filled with joy in the Lord” (verse 4a). Then in verse 7a he adds, “And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings.” God gives Christians joy and peace through His Son, Jesus. Christians don’t need to worry about things. Instead, they can trust God to take care of them.
I hope that young woman thought about my answers and decided to follow Jesus. I hope you are following Jesus today, too!