Peace from God

I think most people want peace in their lives. But we cannot buy peace with money. And peace is not a gift that your parents give you. People around the world try to make peace with their enemies, but often the peace is soon destroyed.
There are many wars happening in the world today. Many wars happen here in Africa. The United Nations has sent soldiers to some African countries to help them keep peace there. Do you think that these soldiers can bring real peace? No! Real peace can only come from God.
Our Bible Reading today is about a time of peace. Verse 4b says, “God will end the arguments for many people. Those people will stop using their weapons for fighting. They will make plows from their swords. And they will use their spears as tools for cutting plants. People will stop fighting against other people. People will never again train for war.”
God has promised to give us true peace when we live forever with Him. I look forward to that time!