There have always been many pelicans in Israel. They are listed in Leviticus chapter 11 as unclean birds that the Israelites should not eat.
Pelicans have webbing between all four toes. This helps them as they catch fish to eat. Their large bills help them scoop the fish into their mouths.
When one or two pelicans go into the water to catch fish, other pelicans will follow them. They form a semi-circle in the shallow water. Then they start moving toward the shore, splashing as they go. They scare the fish and they also swim toward the shore. When the fish are close together, the pelicans dip down with their beaks and fill them with water and fish.
The pelicans work together. Then they are able to catch more fish. This reminds me of Christians. If Christians work alone, they can only do a little for God. But working together, they can do great things for God and His church.
I encourage you to work with other Christians. God will reward you when you serve Him.