People are Watching

My husband and I love to ride motorcycles. When we are at motorcycle events, we like to tell other bikers how much Jesus loves them.
A few years ago, we went to a biker camp out. When we pulled into the campground, I noticed a biker sitting by himself on a bench. As we put up our tent, he watched us. When we finished setting up our campsite, he was still watching. The biker watched us cook dinner, meet with friends and get ready for bed.
The next morning we noticed that same biker watching us again. My husband went over and introduced himself. The biker’s name was Mark. After they talked for a while, Mark said, “I’ve been watching you this weekend. There’s something different about you and your wife. What is it?”
Mark’s question was the perfect opportunity for my husband to tell him about Jesus. He told Mark that we are different because of Jesus. I am glad that we honored God that weekend. I am glad that Mark could see God’s goodness in our lives. I hope that your actions show God’s love, too.