People or Culture?*

“Deaf people have their own culture. Don’t try to change it!” People often say these words ? more often now than they did when Deaf Missions started in 1970.
As Christians, it is not our job to change culture. It is our job to change people. This means that it is our job to preach and teach about Jesus so He can change people.
After people change and become Christians, they don’t need to change their culture. But if a person’s culture does not agree with the Bible, then their culture needs to change. For example, the culture may be to go to church one time a month. But the Bible encourages us to go to church every week. Or the culture may be to do what our deaf friends do. But the Bible teaches us to do what God wants.
When the Bible disagrees with culture, we need to change the culture. Saving souls of people is more important than saving their culture. But don’t try to change the culture if it already agrees with the Bible.
Remember these things as you serve God today.