In some countries, a person may have his house burned down, lose his job or not be able to get food and water because he is a Christian. People around the world are being beaten, tortured, raped, imprisoned and murdered because they believe in Jesus.

Jesus said in the Bible that these things would happen to people who follow Him. “Then you will be arrested and handed over to be punished and killed. People all over the world will hate you because you believe in me” (Matthew 24:9).

In our Bible Reading today, Peter talked about what we can do when we face persecution. We can think about persecution as a blessing (verse 14). We should not be ashamed, and instead, we should praise God (verse 16). And we can trust God and continue to do good (verse 19).

If you are a Christian, you will probably face some kind of persecution during your life. Ask God to give you courage and to help you stay faithful to Him.