When we face difficult times, we may become confused and discouraged. But what is even worse, is when we think that something more terrible may happen to us. Then we worry and wonder what will happen.
In our Bible Reading today, Joseph and Mary took baby Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem. While they were there, they met Simeon. Simeon prophesied and said to Mary, “And the things that happen will be painful for you — like a sword cutting through your heart” (verse 35b).
I wonder if Mary thought about Simeon’s words as Jesus was growing up. Later, Mary watched her son die on the cross. Did she then realize Simeon’s words were talking about Jesus’ death?
Life was not always easy for Mary. Our lives may be filled with troubles and persecution, too. But we should be like Mary. We should persevere and keep following God, no matter what bad times we face.
Will you follow God today?