Peter In Jail

King Herod did not like Christians. He killed some Christians and others he put in jail. Our Bible verses tell us that King Herod arrested Peter and put him in jail.
One night while Peter was in jail, an angel appeared to Peter. He told Peter to get dressed and follow Him. The angel led Peter past the guards and out of the jail.
Peter went to a house where his friends were meeting to pray. A woman named Rhoda came to the door of the house. When she saw Peter, she was so happy that she forgot to open the door. She told the people in the house that Peter was at the door. They did not believe her.
Peter’s friends prayed and asked God to free Peter. But they did not believe that God had really led Peter out of jail. When we pray, we need to believe that God will answer our prayers. God hears your prayers and He will give you what is best for you and for His kingdom.