Peter the Fisherman

Our Bible Reading today is about Peter. At the time this story happened, Peter already knew Jesus (John 1:35-51). Jesus got into Peter’s boat and taught the people about God. Then Jesus did something amazing! Peter and the other men had fished all night and caught nothing. Jesus told them to put their nets in the water again. The men obeyed Jesus, and they caught many, many fish. Later these men became Jesus’ apostles (special followers).
Peter was an ordinary man. He had a wife, and he was a fisherman. Peter probably was excited that Jesus paid attention to him. But Jesus knew that Peter was a very special man. Jesus knew that Peter would love Him and follow Him. Jesus also knew that one day Peter would become a bold leader in the early church.
Maybe you feel that you are an ordinary person. Maybe you think that you are not special. But God has a special plan for your life.