Pharaoh’s Pride

The Pharaoh that we read about in the book of Exodus was a cruel man. Pharaoh was very proud of his position and his authority. He used his power to be mean to God’s people. Pharaoh made them work hard to make bricks and build cities. He even ordered them to make bricks without giving them the straw they needed.

Moses and Aaron came to Pharaoh. They asked him to let the Israelites go free. Pharaoh was very proud. Exodus 5:2 tells us what Pharaoh said to Moses and Aaron.“But Pharaoh said, ‘Who is the Lord? Why should I obey him? Why should I let Israel go? I don’t even know who this Lord is, so I refuse to let Israel go.’”

Money and power can sometimes cause people to be proud and to think that they are more powerful than God. Pharaoh thought he was better than God. He thought that he didn’t need to obey Him. Because of Pharaoh’s pride, God sent ten terrible happenings on Egypt. When Pharaoh finally let the Israelites go free, God caused Pharaoh’s army to be drowned in the sea.

God doesn’t want us to be proud. He wants us to love, respect and obey Him. When we are humble, God can use us as an example for other people to follow.