Many people in Iowa enjoy summer picnics. It is fun to pack a lunch and eat in a backyard or at a park. Our Bible verses tell us about a time when Jesus, His disciples and a group of more than 5000 people ate together outside.
One day many people followed Jesus and listened to His teaching. It became late, and the people were hungry. Jesus’ disciples did not know how they could feed that many people. They searched and only found fives loaves of bread and two fish.
Jesus took the food and thanked God for it. Then he gave the food to the people. “They all ate until they were full. And there was a lot of food left.” (verse 17a). How did Jesus feed all those people? It was a miracle — something amazing done with God’s power.
The Bible tells us about many wonderful things that God has done for His people. God is still very powerful today. Thank Him and praise Him for His power and strength.